Inner Light Integrative Health Care

Inner Light Integrative Health Care, LLC is a unique complementary medicine clinic. Integrating the modern scientific advances of conventional medicine with traditional healing arts and a holistic approach to provide you with the highest quality solutions to your health needs. Our services are primarily oriented towards those looking to improve overall health and prevent disease. As health care professionals in touch with the latest concepts of healing, we can offer new insights and hope to patients suffering from chronic disease. We offer different therapies along with other complementary modalities that help you attain radiant health.


Allergies, ADD & ADHD, Anxiety/ Stress,  Arthritis, Auto-Immune Disease, Back pain, Cancer, Candida, Chronic Fatigue,   Colds & Flu, Depression, Diabetes, Fatigue,   Fibromyalgia,  Headaches, Hepatitis, Hypertension,  Migraines, Osteoporosis, Longevity medicine,  Women’s Health,  Menstral disorders,  Hormone balancing,  Thyroid problems, Sciatica and much more.
By viewing the body holistically,seeing each patient as a unique individual and focusing on the true cause of illness, Dr. Orlowski specializes in finding cures when other therapies fail.
Heavy Metal Toxicity
Recent news stories have brought to consciousness the risks we face of heavy metal exposure. Mercury is commonly found in tuna, dental amalgams and even vaccinations. Lead arsenic, and cadmium are often found in high levels in the general population, exposure comes from some water supplies building materials, industrial waste, air pollution and many household chemicals, toys, cosmetics, vinyl products and imported products.  Chronic exposure accumulates in the body causing inflammation and can be a contributing cause of ADD, Autism, Depression, Allergies, Asthma, Digestive issues, Chronic fatigue, Fibermyalgia, Headaches, Auto-Immune disease, Cardiovascular disease and more.  These issues are seldom treated successfully when heavy metals are involved.
Heavy metals are not easily naturally eliminated from our bodies.  They are best removed by chelating agents such as DMSA and EDTA.  Dr Orlowski has been trained through The American College for the Advancement of Medicine, (ACAM) in chelation and testing for heavy metal toxicity.  She recommends that anyone experiencing symptoms related to inflammation be tested for elevated heavy metal levels.

Pain Relief
Neuralfascial Release is a form of light touch Osteopathic manipulation developed by Steve Davidson, DO.  This technique works on freeing patterns of strain in the connective tissue of the body that underlies many structural problems.  It is common to see relief from issues that have not responded to physical therapy and Chiropractic care.
Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing technique that incorporates the insertion of needles in specific points of the body to bring balance to the system.  Acupuncture can be used to treat pain very successfully.  Acupuncture can also be used for other health issues including colds and flu, insomnia, fatigue, allergies, menopause, PMS and much more.
Guna is an Italian based manufacturer of combination homeopathic medicines, including FDA approved injectables for pain relief.  Specific mixtures have been created to address many pain syndromes including arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain, frozen shoulder, tendonitis and much more.  These medicines greatly enhance the physiological healing mechanisms of the body.  The results often seem miraculous.

Natural Solution for Depression and Emotional Disturbance
Introducing Neuroscience, This Company specializes in the assessment and correction of neurotransmitters and hormone levels. Medical research has shown that many problems associated with today’s fast paced lifestyle can be linked to an imbalance in neurotransmitters and hormone levels. Neuroscience works with healthcare professionals, using advanced scientific techniques and specially formulated products to help the human body overcome these imbalances.  Neuroscience offers a natural, yet safe answer to emotional disorders.

Nutritional IV’s:
Nutritional IV’s are a great way to increase your energy and boost your immune system.  By bypassing the bloodstream, the nutrients that are needed get directly into the bloodstream, literally bathing the cells in nutrients.  This gives a wonderful jump start to any treatment and can save years in recovery.