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African American makeup is an art that can be learned and taught. However, all the styles you learn and the tips you memorize will be useless without the right African American makeup application techniques. Even the best makeup products won’t help you pull off the look you want if your African American makeup application techniques are lacking. So, to help you out with this aspect, the following lines are dedicated to teaching you the best African American makeup application practices.


Concealers are the first makeup products you may apply on your face. One of the most important African American makeup application tips for concealers is to ensure that your skin isn’t stretched. Doing so will eliminate the appearance of cracks and wrinkles through your makeup. If you’re applying concealer under your eyes, the best African American makeup application technique is to dab the product from the inside corner of your eye to the outside and then gently rub it. Use the least bit of product and then build up so that you can get the right opacity.


Most African American makeup application guides believe the best way to apply foundation is to dot it over the face starting with the nose, cheeks, chin, temples and between the brows. Preferably using your fingers, blend the foundation from your face outward. Start from your cheeks to your ears, between your brows to your nose, and from your chin to your jaw and neck.

You can easily avoid spending time on this part of your makeup routine by getting yourself an airbrush makeup kit. Airbrush makeup offered by leading companies such as Dinair only requires that you load the airbrush with product and then spray it in circles onto your skin. You’ll easily look flawless in a few minutes.

african american makeup




To make sure your African American makeup application technique is flawless, brush your blush on the fleshy part of your cheek while smiling. Start from the apples, sweeping the brush all the way to your temple with a slight curve.


If your skin tends to get oily, you may require powder. For this product, the best African American makeup application technique is to press the powder puff firmly onto your face one area at a time. After that, use a soft powder brush to move the excess powder downward away from any fine facial hair.

Eye Makeup

Always start with eye shadow. Use a fine, blunt-tipped brush to apply the base color, then blend in a deeper shade if your eyes require depth. Next, for your eyeliner routine, always start from the inside of your eye to the outside corner. Keep the line light and use a q-tip to smudge it. As for mascara, the best African American makeup application tip here is to look down and then brush your top lashes from the roots down. After that, look upward and brush your lashes upward. Finally, brush color onto your lower lashes.


Applying lipstick is the last step in your makeup routine. For your lips, the best African American makeup application tip is to outline your lips, prime them with a lip balancer and then apply lipstick from the center outward.

With this, we come to the end of this African American makeup application guide. Make sure you practice with your makeup to get that flawless look you seek.



To bring out your authentic beauty, you’ll need to wear African American makeup. However, since you’ll be wearing your makeup during different occasions, here are some African American makeup ideas you can implement with any brand of makeup.

Beautiful on The Big Day

If you’re getting married, then congratulations! First because you have found the right person to spend your life with, and secondly because you are about to be introduced to some African American makeup ideas that will attract all eyes to you.

First, start with your foundation. Use foundation that has yellow undertones in order to flatter your skin. However, if your skin is very dark, use foundation with a bluish tint. Next, work on your eyes. Avoid any color that looks too pale on your skin. You can choose a more neutral color that has some shimmer added. Finally, touch your cheeks with a color that complements your eye shade, and wear a darker or lighter shade of red for your lips.

Night Out 1: Cat Eye

Planning a night out but don’t have any African American makeup ideas? Well, you’re in luck. You now have 2 African American makeup ideas you can try on and take out! The first of these African American makeup ideas is the cat’s eye. If you want a sultry look that reels in the boys, then this is the idea for you. You can apply neutral or shimmery eye shadows from Avon or Molton Brown, then draw your eyes with a thin liner that thickens in the middle and wings at the corner of your eye. Complement this with a shade of red that matches your skin.

Night Out 2: The Smoky Eye Look

All you need to do is use ash or black eye shades on your upper lids, line your lower lids with thick eye pencil, and apply thick mascara. Apply light pink lipstick, and you’ll prove this is one of the African American makeup ideas that will make men melt for sure.

A Put Together Look for a Hectic Office

Well, none of the aforementioned African American makeup ideas will work for you at the office. What you really need is more toned-down African American makeup ideas. One of the basic ideas is a natural look.

Here’s how you can get that look with the least amount of time:

Simply apply neutral eye shadow or a bronzer (you can get these from Sephora or Macys), line your eyes, and apply 2-3 coats of mascara. Finally, add a dash of flesh-colored lipstick onto your luscious lips.

Now you have 4 different African American makeup ideas that you can use any time you want!



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