Nutritional IV’s

When I first studied Naturopathic medicine, I never thought that I would utilize Intravenous therapies in my practice.  They seemed invasive and just not natural enough. I though of them only for heavy metal chelation.  However experience has shown me the incredible benefits of IV therapy.

I first started using IV therapies with cancer patients.  High doses of vitamin C can be Chemo toxic to cancer cells while benefiting the body.  Adding vitamins, minerals and sometimes  amino acids gives the body a tremendous nutritional boost.  After seeing how well nutritionally deficient, Cancer patients benefited, I started to always recommend nutritional IV therapy for patients with poor absorption and digestion.  By bypassing the digestive system, the  nutrients that are needed get directly into the blood stream, literally bathing the cells in nutrients.

This gives a wonderful jump start to any treatment and can save years in recovery.
Intravenous nutrients can be used for anyone who wants to improve their energy.  I use them when I feel run down or stressed to keep healthy.  I love the increased sense of energy and well being that I feel and the antiaging effects. They are also wonderful boosts to help eliminate colds and the flu.  Therapeutically they are used for chronic disease, allergies and more.