Smoking Cessation

Injection Therapy:
This treatment originated in China. It involves injecting five acupuncture points with a combination of vitamin B12 and B6. In most cases one treatment is enough to eliminate the craving for cigarettes permanently. This treatment works best for heavy smokers that want to quit but are physically addicted to smoking. The treatment does not help psychological addiction; casual social smokers or those that use smoking as a major form of stress release generally do not succeed using this method alone. The injection therapy is uncomfortable for a moment as the injections do sting. The cost is $75 for a treatment. Consecutive treatments are rarely needed but provided at $15 if requested. Herbal medicine, acupuncture and nutritional therapies can be added to enhance effects of treatment.

Acupuncture therapy has a long history for smoking cessation as well as drug and alcohol detoxification. Five standard ear points are used in addition to other body points determined on an individual basis. Generally it is advisable to have a series of ten treatments. These treatments can help with emotional as well as physical smoking addiction as well as easing the effects of detoxification of the many chemicals involved in smoking addiction. This service is offered at the discounted price of $200 for ten sessions, paid in advance. Other therapies such as nutritional supplements, herbal remedies and homeopathy can be added to help the patient through the process. The outcome of this treatment is excellent for those patients that are truly committed to quit smoking.

Lifestyle modification:
For patients that do not feel ready to quit I recommend the following lifestyle modifications.
1. Switch your smoking to a natural tobacco product, free of chemical additives. I recommend Nat Sherman or American Spirit brand cigarettes or rolling your own with Drum tobacco.

  1. Smoke consciously. Do not do anything else when you smoke, no smoking in the car, while on the phone or over coffee. Select a space, preferably outside, sit and smoke. Feel the smoke enter your body and concentrate on how you feel.
  2. Eat healthy foods including green vegetables, if possible fresh juices especially juiced vegetables should be included.
  3. Take a good vitamin supplement.

5. Be sure to address stress in your life, eliminate the stress that you can, use therapies such as meditation, deep breathing, yoga, qi gong, tai chi, massage, exercise, play or whatever you can to help “de-stress.” Take appropriate adaptogenic herbs to help your body deal with stress.
I find that as people get more healthy, they no longer feel comfortable including unhealthy habits in their life. The natural cigarettes and conscience smoking usually help people reduce cigarette intake to about four cigarettes per day. At this point they are no longer physically addicted and can give up easily when ready. Many of my patients find that they “just quit” without trying as a natural response to treating the body holistically.