The Ultimate Weight Loss Program is more that just another diet

For many years my patients have asked me to recommend a healthy weight loss program.  My experience in teaching and working with nutrition has allowed me to analyze many diets, but I was never comfortable enough with any of them to recommend them to my patients.  Finally I have found a system out of Austrailia that is healthy and really works!

I am now offering the Ultra-Lite Professional Weight and Health Management System.

The Ultra Lite system is the result of many years of research by a Melbourne based Naturopath, Tony LeVannais.  Ultra Lite is a quick, safe and very effective method of losing unwanted body fat.  A loss of 5-10 lbs in the first week is not uncommon, followed by up to 5 pounds a week thereafter.  Ultra Lite is not a high protein diet.  Ultra Lite is a balanced protein and carbohydrate Weight and Health Management System.

Over 250,000 Australian men and women have experienced the Ultra Lite phenomenon.  The program has only been offered in the USA for one year. Seldom is excess weight simply an issue of over-eating.  I improve upon this system by combining Naturopathic evaluation, homeopathy, counseling and acupuncture treatments along with the diet.  In this way we work to achieve perfect balance in your life and to evaluate and address weight from a holistic point of view.  Expect to emerge from the program as a healthier, happier individual on your way to perfect health with the tools and knowledge that you need to live and maintain that balance in your life.

The Ultra Lite System is designed to provide all the necessary amounts of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and trace elements in proper balance as you loose weight.  This system allows you to maintain a proper, healthy alkaline blood pH while loosing weight.  No hunger and no cravings is what you can expect with the Ultra Lite System!  By addressing the “whole” person, and you as a unique individual with your own history and needs the program is personalized to optimize your success in a way that no simple diet can touch.

You will feel and look better than you have for a long time, as your body converts unwanted fat into energy, with no sagging skin or drawn face to worry about.   Your total health will be addressed as well as emotional factors that factor into weight problems, expect  not only to be thinner, but to feel better.

When you have reached your target weight, you will have the option to continue on the Ultra Lite Maintenance Program.

The Ultra Lite System is more than just another diet!
Your health and well bing are also important to me.  More energy and a clearer mind are just two of the many health benefits of the Ultra Lite System.  Lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, blood sugar control and less depression are commonly reported.  In fact most patients on medication for any of these reasons need to have their doses lowered!!